Shopify or Magento: Which Should You Consider As Your Preferred Multichannel E-Commerce Solution

multichannel retailing venture

In this decade, running a multichannel retailing venture is not a choice. Focusing on driving your sales through your online store as the single selling point will not help you realize your goals. As you know, customers are dynamic. Their likes and preference change from time to time. Unlike tradition counterparts, modern customers want to buy products right from where they spend their time. A seller focusing on customers on the social media must take their services/products to this platform. For you to realize this goal, you need a multichannel e-commerce platform that supports and enhance your objective. Shopify and Magento are the leading solutions in this field. However, you need to choose one. This article seeks to compare the two options to help you make the best choice using several criteria as follows:

Ease of use

As a webpreneur, you need a platform that is easy for you to set up and connect it with different selling channels. If this is your priority, Shopify is the better option. Shopify offers a drag-and-drop web editor with all features you may require. You do not have to struggle in coding or searching for according to the expert, which is the case with Magento. With Shopify, you can set up an online store and integrate it with multiple selling channels within a short duration. For Magento, you must take time to code and connect other selling channels. Everything in Magento is about coding which may require coding knowledge.

Customization and flexibility

When launching an online business, one of your competitive advantages is being unique. You want to stand out from your competitors in every aspect. Having a unique storefront is a step ahead in realizing your goals. When it comes to selecting a multichannel e-commerce platform, Magento leads the rest in enhancing your business uniqueness. The platform is open source. So, you have access to the back-end codes. You can alter the codes to build your store based on your likes and preferences. Also, you can use API codes of different selling channels to integrate your store with them. This opportunity is not available on Shopify.

The business and customer data security

Security is the backbone of your online selling. As a multichannel retailer, you have a responsibility of ensuring your customer data is secure across all the selling channel. In regard to security, Shopify takes the lead. In Magento, you are responsible for your data security. For Shopify, developers take the responsibility of ensuring your information is secure through providing you innovative and updated features and software.

Now you can choose the best option.

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